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  • If you read the data sheet (always a good idea before buying or connecting anything up) it warns specifically of the failure you have, Page 6 of http://www.rovingnetworks.com/documents/WiFlyGSX-um.pdf
    "WARNING: Do NOT exceed the voltage ratings damage to the module will result.

    1: The Sensor inputs SENS0-7 are extremely sensitive to over voltage. Under no conditions should

    these pins be driven above 1.2VDC. Placing any voltage above this will permanently damage the
    radio module and render it useless.

    2: Placing 5VDC or any voltage above 3.3Vdc into the VDD pins of the module will permanently

    damage the radio module.

    3: Placing 3.3Vdc into the PIO’s while they are set as outputs will permanently damage the

    module. The failure mode is a short across GND and VCC."
    Also it's always a good idea to provide your own protection regardless of what the manufacturer may or may not have provided.

  • I have one of these but it keeps crashing even when simply sitting there doing nothing. This is an example output form the terminal when it crashes :-
    Unrecoverable failure (7) Misaligned address at PC=0002fcd0
    The system will be reset
    WiFly Ver 2.15, 10-15-2009
    MAC Addr=00:06:66:00:3b:b3
    Auto-Assoc roving1 chan=1 mode=NONE FAILED
    ERR WATCHDOGAuto-Assoc roving1 chan=1 mode=NONE FAILED
    Auto-Assoc roving1 chan=1 mode=NONE FAILED
    It always seems to be the same address. Anyone else had this? Note Firmware is 2.15 The REALLY annoying thing is that it seems to do a full factory reset so after a crash has to be set up again from scratch!

  • Very nice, If each tile had a low power IR transceiver on each face it could tell which tiles it was next to and could change it's behaviour accordingly. I'm seriously tempted to make one but would probably use AVR's instead.

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