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  • "fat raspberry" Pun intended? :D

    "first iteration of an invention" Inventory management isn't really an invention is it?

    Anyway, perhaps do this for your pet food, but people don't eat or cook this way. When you're really cooking food for people, you hear/say things like "a little more of ..." Put that in your pantry management system.

    Besides, there's been no mention of tracking for individuals at all unless this is for the single person.

    The worst thing for a design is to not have a valid problem to solve. That's where the disappointment comes. Hardware built with no solution provided.

    PS. I think this is really just to sell Sparkfun products. No one hurt in the process, but I don't think it rises to the level of an "invention."

  • All comments, so far :D, have been positive, but this thing will never work.

    You must not have real people living in your house for this to work, or you live alone (there's another whole story.) Possibly you have a very understanding partner. :D

    Besides, there are as many ways to reach a desired weight as there are people. One can track "nutrition" forever, but that still won't solve a weight problem.

    However, the main reason there is a problem is that nutritional "guidelines" on packages are highly suspect and can't be trusted to be correct or even accurate.

    Sorry to spoil the parade. :D

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