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  • All the Arduino code I see for Quad Encoders only use two pins, but this encoder has three. How do I use it?

  • Is there a dimensional drawing available? The drawing in the datasheet is basically pixelated to the point of being illegible.

  • The board isn't showing up in the Arduino IDE when I plug it into my mac (running High Sierra 10.13.4). It also isn't showing up in /dev/tty.usb*. Although it IS showing up in the USB 3.0 Device tree, in System Information. Do I need to install any additional drivers in order to be able to see this board as a serial device?

    EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out The board was being "captured" by a VM, running in the background.

  • What happened to the "Auto-notify" feature for out-of-stock items?

  • What happened to the auto-notify feature? Did it disappear with the site redesign?

  • Also, does this chip protect against back EMF, or should I add diodes to the circuit just in case?

  • I don't get it. Does this thing output PWM (based on the input), or does it ramp up current/voltage based on the PWM input? If I only want my motors to go Forward (ie: I'll only ever be using one of the four "modes"), do I need this thing?

  • I swear to God. Between receiving the re-stock notification and confirming my purchase, start to finish: 20 seconds. Then I cam back a half-hour later. Looks like I'm the only one buying these! Has the demand mysteriously disappeared?

  • Anyone know where I could get one of these in a TQFP package?

  • Can someone give me a part # for the crystal being used on this board? I can only find a 16MHz version (eg: CSTCE16M0V53).

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