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  • I agree with most of the comments that SF needs a better system for the next year. I vote the quizzes!!! But anyway, thank you SF for the opportunity for $100. Please continue the tradition, but improve upon it for the years to come.

  • I am in agreement. It is the same color as the stuff I use.

  • Even when I enable all layers in Eagle, I still cannot see the ground plane. Why is this?

  • I have one of these that seems to have died in a project after a few weeks of operation. I don't know if it died because of poor soldering (or overheating) or if it died because the SF Eagle library didn't have the other two pins connected to ground. I, too, would like to know if the pins need to be grounded or if they may be left floating.

  • These are a lot cheaper than the other similar design (COM-09341) for a reason. I got one of each, and I like the feel of the other kind much better. This one doesn't have a satisfying click like the other design. If you are looking for an arcade cabinet style switch, go with the more expensive design. However, this one is shorter and more easily mountable. I was able to use this one (as a wall switch for an IR remote-controlled outlet embedded in the wall plate), but I had to cut it in half and glue the switch in place to make it all fit (because the conduit boxes are too small to fit 3 strands of Romex, a large switch, and a relay-board). It isn't a bad switch, but the other kind is better.

  • 9:00MST is 11:00EST, yes?

  • I cannot for the life of me find this part in the library. I have the newest one. Sparkfun, please help us out...

  • I, too, have had problems with this cable. The computer recognizes that something is plugged in, and the peripheral (ATMEGA with USBasp bootloader) successfully powers on, but the computer is not able to transfer data with the peripheral. Normal cables are successful. I was hoping to use this for programming on the go, but I think it will only work for battery charging... :( Anyone have advice? Other than that huge flaw, construction and retractableawesomeness is better than expected.

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