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Avant garage hacker in Scottsdale, AZ


Neurogami; AZ HAckers; ASU HackerSpace

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Ruby, JavaScript, Java, C, some Haskell


http://jamesbritt.com http://neurogami.com

  • Perhaps there's a way to move the actual keys, and account for this in the code. (Would be a plus for using custom key text too.)

  • Folks interested in using Processing to create Android apps should check out: http://www.creativeapplications.net/android/mobile-app-development-processing-android-tutorial/
    As for Android/Arduino connections with Bluetooth, see Amarino: http://www.amarino-toolkit.net/index.php/docs.html

  • What battery power options are suitable for this? I tried using my LilyPad AAA battery source (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8466), which my voltage meter showed giving 5V, and while it got the red light on the IOIO going I got no reaction from my G2 phone. Twiddling the chg dial didn't help.
    I don't want to be tied to an A/C outlet, but I don't know if the fault is with the power source I used or if there's something wrong in my set up.
    EDIT: Some info on battery power here: https://groups.google.com/group/ioio-users/browse_thread/thread/f7e669151e6f4e99

  • Thanks for the tutorial. Are there any examples that do not require the use of Eclipse, examples that build an IOIO project from the command line? Every Android project in Eclipse gives "Mismatched VM version: JVM_GetThreadStateValues not found".
    Suggestions on alternative approaches very welcome.
    EDIT: Just learned that current versions of Eclipse allow for exporting Ant files for projects. This allowed me to build the code using ant instead of going through Eclipse. Very handy. File -> Export -> General -> Ant buildfiles

  • This is currently listed as "out of stock" and "Not available
    for backorder".
    What exactly does that mean? Sparkfun won't carry this anymore?

  • If you're getting this, consider if you will also need some pins, such as the 6 Pin Right Angle Male SMD Header (PRT-09015). Think about how you plan on connecting this so you order all the stuff you need.