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  • It would be safe to assume the power consumption of this speaker is relatively low because of the low amplitude audio output. A high voltage source on a low power system indicates a very low current draw. The driver circuit should have been engineered to be capable of providing only slightly more current than the speaker will draw at its max power. So, while you may feel a tingle from the high voltage, I don’t think the driver is capable of providing a dangerous level of current. Of course without links to data sheets I’m only making assumptions, always take care when working with high voltage.

  • VAC is the same as VRMS (Root Mean Square) . To find the Peak from RMS simply multiply by the square root of 2 giving: Vpeak = 86V X sqrt(2) = 122Vp and Vpp = 2 X Vp = 244Vpp

    Here is a simple brochure from AARL that explains a little more.

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