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  • Does anyone know what the delay of this converter is, ie what's the time between sending to the usb port and bits getting clocked out over the rs485? My application doesn't need a lot of bandwidth, but it is latency sensitive.

  • The bus has a 200 ohm termination resistor so at 3.3v it will draw 16mA, so that seems about right. That's not the driver's fault.

  • I think you forgot to mention under the requirements that you need an amateur radio license to use this. People who are only familiar with devices operating in the unlicensed bands may not realize this, so it might be good to mention in the description.

  • I was just going to ask if it was a drop-in replacement for the HTU21, but I guess the answer is no. :-(

  • I assume the polyurethane coating holds up to UV exposure better than the epoxy coating on the old models, but has anyone had one of these outside for 6 months or so and can comment on how they look?

  • In case anyone else has this problem, you get to the bearing by pulling the rotating part off. It takes quite a bit of force, so be careful. The bearing is a 5mm ID, 10mm OD, 4mm width sealed ball bearing. I'm going to get another one on ebay and see how that works out.

  • My anemometer has given up after 2 years, the bearing is locking up every few revolutions. Is this the expected lifetime?

  • Mine's been in the Hawaii sun for 2 years. The plastic is a bit bleached and rough, but nothing's broken yet. (Except something in the anemometer bearings, but I wouldn't expect that to have anything to do with the sun.)

  • It's not obvious to me that the wind speed and cup speeds are the same. There's some resistance from the cups going upwind, so there needs to be some slip between the airspeed and the cup speed to provide torque. I'd assume the stated value comes from some sort of calibration.

  • Mine has seen some hard rains, but not 6-12"/h. Maybe 2-3"/h max. It still reports reasonable values, but I have no way of determining how accurate it is.

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