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  • I bought one of these last year and I think I'm sorry now. Can't find any tips for it.

  • Bought my MSO-19 a little over a year ago and it works great on Windows. However soon after I switched to UBUNTU and I haven't been able to get it to work at all. LinkInstruments has said for the last year they will support Linux but nothing has happened and I no longer believe they are sincere about open source or linux support. So if you are now and will always be a windows user this is a great tool, otherwise don't buy it. Look for mine on eBay in the near future.

  • Turn down the brightness a little and it will definitely last. I've been running one a couple of notches below max brightness for quite a while with no problems. It's not the current that damages things, it's the dissipated heat. The PWM method utilizing pulse width and duty cycle is a good way to manage heat but too large a pulse or too high a duty cycle can burn things anyway.

  • I notice different numbers do not illuminate at the same brightness. Most noticeable between 1 and 8 or the apostrophe and 8. I guess it is because the ATmega can't supply enough current to drive segments equally regardless of how many are on.

    Still a great display for development but maybe not for a finished product. Especially nice that it is open source and you can enhance if desired.

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