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  • Been using the BLE mate, and love it so far. However, is it possible to have multiple tablets connect to it at once? Essentially, want to have the same data sent to multiple tablets.

  • Here are a few recommendations for the next rev: 1) Breakout the SPI_PCM (aka SPI_PIO) pin - You need to set this pin at High - if you want to use PIO 5-8 as SPI pins, or Low if you want to use them for their PIO functionality. The PIO functionality is especially important if you want to run the module in transparent mode, and want a way to get out of it. Something that we have to hack together to get going on the current breakout 2) Ability to configure whether you want the AIO pins connected to a level shifter - For some odd reason the AIO pins work in the 1.35 V domain, which makes it a pain if you want to connect them to a digital input pin on a 3.3v/5v microcontroller. For example you can use AIO2 to figure out if the module is conencted, but need to connect it to an Analog pin to do so. Small issue, but can be a pain point for us working on microcontrollers without free ADC pins

  • Have these batteries gone through IEC62133 certification for sale in North America?

  • If I recall, there was once a post around Sparkfun switching to SAP. The one thing about SAP that I love is the Functional Location concept, and its versatility in allowing you to break down the number of levels. That along with SAP's close ties to Document Management system makes inventory management a breeze.

    Imagine being able to quickly navigate by either location or item type, and then pulling up all comments, notes, datasheets, drawings, etc associated to the product. Great for every department in the organization, from inventory control to engineering.

    Full disclosure - I'm a Enterprise Content Management consultant, with experience in SAP tie-ins for engineering documents.

  • I dont think its that simple. Dont you need a special POE router (source) as well and then a way to consume the power as Im guessing the power would be high voltage and would have to be transformed down. Or am I just making it more complicated then it seems?

  • Yeah the light doesn't go off after your instructions. Guess the unit is fault then. What is the procedure for getting a replacement?

  • I'm having trouble with the board. I'm using a FAT16 formatted card, with songs preloaded. They play in multiple computers. However, when I plug in the card and power up the Mp3 Trigger it doesn't work. The status light stays lit and doesn't blink any of the messages in the manual. Do I have a buggy board?

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