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Nick Short

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  • Then why did you post in giant red letters “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” which is directly from the Bible. And then attempt to Mythify it (if that is a word) and to mock it.

    I got the impression that this was not at all a hit against the Christian belief of the Mark of the Beast (probably improperly capitalized, there) and completely a hit against the "conspiracy theorist" interpretation of the idea.

    Conspiracy theorists (at least the ones Nick was referring to) believe that the Anti-Christ will (being the charming person he is described to be) come to rule a great world nation (USA, typically) and require the citizens to be implanted with RFID chips and other evil demonic things.

    [ Source: My parents and 2/3 of my siblings are conspiracy theorists :( ]

    I think that, because faith is so very personal to people, people of faith tend to feel personally attacked, when there is little to no provocation.

    Let me reiterate, none of this was likely intended to be a attack on Christianity. I'd bet a paycheck that it was an attack on crazies.

    Nick, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :)

  • If you modulated the base of the transistor, say, with a microphone or an MP3 shield, could you pick up the modulation on your radio?

  • Regarding 1: Very true, but the fact is that the book title misconstrued Barbie's role in the production of the game.

    If the book title was Barbie: I Can Be A Game Designer, there wouldn't have been an issue. However, you cannot be a computer engineer and NOT know how to program.

  • My god, these are gorgeous!

  • This will also cut measurement uncertainty by 10 to 20 times :)

  • It would be best to use a rubber grommet and drill your hole out a little bigger. The grommet will give you a little bit more grip and it'll be less likely to damage the tube.

  • How much light is emitted from the sides if this thing is kept relatively straight?

  • I believe vibrations would also modulate crystal frequencies, right?

    That would be an interesting way to make a basic FM transmitter.

  • "This FSR can sense applied force anywhere in the range of 100g-10kg."
    Not to be a physics geek, but in this case, this should read:
    "This FSR can sense applied force anywhere in the range of 0.981N-98N."
    Force is measured in Newtons, mass in Kilograms.