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  • Yey, my exhaust flame thrower comes closer with that thing :-D

  • In normal operation it works absolutely fine with my 20x4 Display, very happy with it. For in-car use I tried a little modification: I interrupted the connection LCD Pin2 (+5V) to this LCD Backpack. Then I wired up Pin 15 (LCD Backlight +5V) to Display Pin2. Planned was to turn off the whole Display together with the Backlight, to save Power. Result: Turing off the Display works fine, but when I turn it on, Line1 and 3 are full of black squares, and noting else. I turned Backlight to 100%, so there shouldn't be any PWM Problems.... Any Idea how to solve the Problem? Is there any possibility to completely switch off the display for Power saving, and just keep the backpack alive?

    thanks from Switzerland, Michael

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