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  • PowerSwitch Tail IIU Kit

  • If someone would port OpenTLD/"Predator" https://github.com/zk00006/OpenTLD it would be interesting to see if there is enough power to have it running next to real time on one of the larger (or compatible) Arduino platforms.

  • PoE would be fantastic.

  • What's SparkFuns stake in this?

  • Would this fit into the Arduino Project Enclosure (PRT-10088)?

  • I tried putting in a FEZ Domino v1.1 and it doesn't fit at all. The microUSB connector hits the plastic edge (Meaning it can't even go down all the way) but even if it could, the power and USB ports don't line up to any of the holes, so it's fairly useless anyway.
    The description should be changed.

  • I've had this thing on backorder for nearly 4 weeks.

  • What's the ETA for new stock?

  • I'm just here to buy stuff for work, but with all the advertising I couldn't help but try out Free Day (Been here just little under a year but before that I was a local SF distributor before they screwed me) as I was curious to how SF's new "snappy cluster" would work under enormous load.
    Frankly, I found it poorly executed, in regards to "completely re-writing [y]our website to squeeze out every efficiency available." I found little on-the-surface optimisation even though everyone knew the expected loads. Things such as not storing static assets on high availability systems (Eg: Amazon Cloud would be suitable if you do the cost-benefit analysis) and the design of the quiz being bandwidth heavy (considering the expected capacity, having fully formatted pages with images all over which are critical to answering the question isn't efficient or scalable).
    I also saw that I was able to at times to get error messages with little delay, I'm assuming I was just hitting a load balancer which wasn't able to pass me off to a system? Even then, most of the time I didn't even get that.
    I also noticed that even though someone from SF commented that you may login before hand, sessions appeared to be flushed a few times throughout.
    For "Our Goal: Get as many new people introduced to SparkFun as possible." this was an obvious success, giving away free stuff on-masse will become viral no matter what the medium, although, it's a double edged sword.
    In regards to "...wanting to educate people of the basics of electronics" and "Goal: Educate new users on the basics." I guess you this was achieved by getting people's hopes up by luring them to study with free stuff but you ultimately let those people down by lack of availability when they tried to claim their incentive, especially with the inherent perceived "unfairness" since competing a single non-challenge-response request for a 'loyalty payment' will have a much higher chance of success than multiple challenge-responses of the quiz. Also, the quiz questions didn't actually require proper understanding of electronics but just mathematics comprehension, I guess you could argue that's the same thing but I bet if you got a random beginner who successfully completed a question and actually put that real scenario in front of them I doubt they'd be able to resolve the real-world scenario successfully.
    Either way, I was little disappointed by the performance of the website seeing as obvious optimisation techniques were not taken, either by choice or other reasons.
    I should state that I took the quiz and attempted and correctly answered 3 questions before the funds ran out, from 4 hours before till the end.

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