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  • After reading all the comments below, I'm not sure what to make of the issue with applying pressure to the chips. Is this an actual problem with the latest release of this module? or not?

  • Free day sucked, never saw a question

  • Thanks, well I look forward to summer and hopefully then it'll be more reliable!

  • Thanks for the tips.
    I have not had the reliability I expect from a GPS module, though it is my first so I have none to compare with. Consequently, I have ordered another model from SparkFun and will see what performance it has. The problem I was facing was simply getting a lock. I have a 3V cell battery connected to keep all the memory data so I expect a lock within 1 minute at any time. However, this is not the case, I stuck it outside on the sidewalk for 15 minutes one day without getting a lock. Then on another day I'll get it in 2 minutes. It has been very inconsistent. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada and it's around 0 celsius temp right now and I'm not sure if this is influencing the response. I noticed that if the module is powered by 5V instead of 3.3V, it seems to get a lock faster but I haven't done a true experiment to justify this. I have a XBee running about 2" away on the board, could this interfer? How important is a ground plane on the PCB? I believe I have had up to 9 satelites tracking but could there be a link between my northern location, the temperature, and the time of year that could influence locking?

  • and... how's the new firmware version?

  • Hi Jonathan,
    I have implemented the SUP500F in a project of mine. It's my first GPS module but it seems shotty to me. Somedays I'll lock on within a minute and some days I don't get a signal at all. I know there has been some posting here at sparkfun about this product but I'd like to know what your experience is with it?

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