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  • Just a heads up, according to support the motor here is: https://www.servocity.com/html/313_rpm_hd_precision_planetary.html

    Operating Specifications:
    Operating Voltage Range: 6~12VDC
    Rated Voltage: 12VDC
    Rated Load: 4.5 kgf-cm (62.5 oz-in)
    Operating Temperature: -10 ~ +60°C
    Max No-Load Current: 0.52A
    No-Load Speed: 313 RPM
    Min. Stall Torque: 30 kgf-cm (416.6 oz-in)
    Max. Stall Current: 20A @ 12VDC
    Dielectric Strength: 250 VAC
    Motor Brush Type: Graphite
    Output Power at Max. Efficieny: 13W
    Gear Type: Planetary
    Gear Ratio: 27:1
    Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing
    Shaft size: 6mm (0.236”)
    Net Weight: 330g (11.64oz)
  • It is worth noting that this processor has native supports fast fourier transforms and matrix operations. Could this be put in the description? I've tabled more than one project due to the difficulty of implementing FFT.

  • Does anybody have an Eagle library package for this? I'd like to drop this in to my schematics.

  • I hate to be repetitive, but any news on the breakout board? Looking to convert my Das Keyboard into a bluetooth keyboard.

Soldering lvl 1

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These tools are pretty good, and should last you a long...

BigBoard v0.1

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For driving those dang 6.5" 7-segments, using outdated LED...