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  • It appears that the VBATT_LVL pin is not correctly marked. To monitor the voltage from the battery you will need to use A11. You can use the following formula to determine the actual input voltage.

    (sampleValue * (3.3/1024)) * 2

    The sample value is the value from the analogRead(A11) call

    3.3/1024 obtains the number of mV/step. The DAC is 10 bit, so there are 1024 values available and the processor is operating at 3.3v.

    1/2 the input voltage to the divider is sent to the pin per this wiki entry:


    So in this case we multiply by 2 to reverse the division.

  • Any chance you could share your code? Is it arduino or AVR?

  • Please note that the current version of the firmware for this board from DIY drones will NOT function without the OilPan shield (Including simply running HIL with XPlane)
    I am currently working on a version of the codebase that will function without the OilPan.
    Msg me if you would like a copy.

  • I recently acquired this board. I am using it with the 3.3v FTDI cable and the break away headers. Note, you must take the cable apart and re-pin it if you would like to use it.
    I have found that the chip gets very hot. Has anyone else had this experience?

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