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  • Does not work in Canada - Hologram confirms that they have no relationship with Canadian carriers for Cat M1 at this time.

  • I own a Iridium sat phone. I just ordered two of these RockBlocks. Fully understanding a subscription is required, must I use Rock 7? Is that the only option here? I will likely go with Rock7 for service, I just want to know that these units aren't 'locked' down to Rock7 only.

  • I'm a little confused about the operation of this (specific) component. Does this detect a 0.9V drop, then flag a reset? What if I'm using a 5V micro controller, and the power drops to 4.0/4.1 volts, will the part flag a reset or will it only flag a reset when the supply voltage is 0.9 volts of less? I'm trying to determine how useful this particular product number with 3.3/5.0 uC parts given that it's configured for 0.9 volts.

  • Sorry if this is obvious to others, I'm a little confused about the product description stating "goal is to compile using GCC" - I thought the Netduino is for Visual Studio .NET - does this mean that this is for .NET coders to get started with .NET then move to GCC? I'm a little confused about this. Thank you

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