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  • Yep. For example I put my first matrix on pin 8 for chip select and my second matrix on pin 7. You can use any pins you want for chip select.
    To send data, I just flip chip select pin 8 for the first matrix, send 64 bytes, turn chip select back off and then repeat the process for the next matrix using pin 7.

  • I ran into the same problem and the forum has an awful lot of questions in the same vein left unanswered.
    Two items here:
    1) Backpack code doesn't appear to work for 2 matrices.
    2) Backpack code appears to include a "feature" to reset each matrix to single mode after 255 power cycles.
    My suggestion is to forget about daisy chaining and instead run them both in standalone mode. Use separate slave selects for each. It burns an extra pin, but hopefully you have an extra.

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