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  • I am using the thing only as and AHRS - you can't really use it as a flight computer, it just doesn't have the I/O connections for that. I find the sensors very accurate and most importantly, they don't drift - seriously, you can shake this thing around, it will keep its calibration.
    I used the arduino environment to compile the code from http://code.google.com/p/sf9domahrs you can download it form arduino.cc
    The 9DoF is non standard in terms of clock speed, so I inserted the following into my platform definition file. In the Linux version of arduino, it is at hardware/arduino/boards.txt in the arduino directory.
    [my comment was too long for sparkfun, so I pasted this to pastebin] http://pastebin.com/KAEmPmD2
    Then, you have to open the AHRS code in the arduino environment and set the platform to the 9DoF. To upload the code, press the upload button and shortly after that, press the reset button on the board to activate the bootloader.
    Hope that helped some folks!

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