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  • hi clinton - the SPI MISO bug is fixed in the current adafruit versions of the CC3000 breakout!

  • i asked bre the ceo of makerbot if we could make the announcement on 4/1 (it happen to be april fools day) but he said no, raising a round at the time and would freak out people... and that is why we were not able to say for at least one day we were MakerFruit AdaBot Industries.

  • you can ask nate on ask an engineer tomorrow night :)

  • we tried to merge with makerbot on 4/1 (MakerFruit AdaBot Industries) - but it was called off due to investor relations.

  • hi Member #134773, on the product pages we link to gEDA, KiCAD (we say "If you're interested in open-source PCB design software check out gEDA and KiCAD") and we also say clearly you can download the software at any time "you can download the software at any time to try it out before purchasing a license". if there's better or different wording you think we should use let us know!

  • thanks charles! sparkfun is an adafruit reseller (mintyboosts!) we'd love for sparkfun to stock our line up of raspberry pi products too!

  • heya! mithral sent adafruit basically the same note last month - we had our lawyer look at it and we did not need to remove our blog posts/tutorials. i sent an email to nate today when i saw this, check in with him. i also cc'ed the cosm team, adam from mithral and all the lawyers folks. i asked that cosm and mithral resolve this with each other directly.

  • there isn't a new logo needed or required.

    as more information came in and i’ve looked at the OSI template for licensing – i do not think the OSHWA can license a logo they do not own from the OSI. the OSI does not own the community-made geared OSHW logo. i don’t think they will, or will want to test their trademark on this.

    that’s the most important thing to consider, the OSHW logo differs enough, for different uses that i do not think the OSI can claim ownership over it. the OSI board member(s) and president also thought this last year when i emailed them directly and ask (their response is below). there is not any confusion in the market place. hundreds of thousands of boards are out there with the OSHW logo now. when i talked with an outside lawyer for friendly advice, they also said the same thing. the OSHWA lawyer, or a trademark lawyer should quickly review this, i’m sure they’ll say the same thing.

    from a practical point of view, the OSWHA will never go to court over someone abusing the OSHW logo, it doesn’t make sense to sign anything you don’t own and will not enforce.

    the simple solution is just for everyone to use the logo as they have been and for the OSHWA and OSI to issue a joint statement on best practices for this community mark.

    “By following the Open Source Hardware Definition you are free to apply the OSHW community mark to your products and projects”

    here is the email from the OSI from last year.

    =======From: OSI board member & lawyer 2011============ Begin forwarded message: Subject: Re: OSI logo question and working with On Sep 26, 2011, at 1:16 AM In my personal view, there is not enough similarity between the Open Source Hardware logo and the OSI logo to raise any copyright issues.

    With regard to our trademark registrations, all four of them specify and are limited to “software.” A substantially different logo like yours, used in the context of promoting open hardware or open-source

    hardware, doesn’t strike me as raising significant trademark issues.

    last up to throw a giant oddity in all this.. simon, the current OSI president has been made aware the logo i designed in 1999 (shown at OSCON at least a few times) and they may update the history of the OSI logo now that they've seen this (my logo, which appears to be what the OSI logo is based on, weird right?):

  • @zweel - hiya! adafruit uses USPS. so for a mintyboost to MI (maine) it's: United States Postal Service $3.70, this includes insurance - sparkfun (nate) let us know that microcenter wants to carry the mintyboost, so we're working with microcenter on this as well :)

  • i chatted with the maker, he's going to put the board out under the same license as the arduino, here is his update from today:
    good stuff!

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