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  • This GPS is very simple to use. If you only want to use it with SkyTraq software, you only have to connect tx and rx pins to rx and tx pins in the FTDI USB board and connect a 3.3V source. I couldn’t use the 3.3V of the FTDI USB (maybe because the current wasn’t enought due to the extension USB cable). Most of the problems with this GPS are related with not providing enough current, although the voltage is right, so be carefull with this. Once connected to the SkyTraq, you’ll see something like this, after some time tracking satellites:
    I have to say that although I bought two of these GPS, one of them didn’t work properly. One of them connects almost inmediately, but the other only achieves to track one satellite with very few power and that after a long time, and never get the 3D position. I think it’s a problem of the sensibility of the GPS chip.

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