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  • yes its more difficult than it seems: it won't play a chirp. 2gb sd FAT format (is 2gb a problem? spec says 1gb, sparkfun says 2gb...) hooked up to 3.3v, tried a speaker as well as an amp. trying 7.1 MP3 mode in spec: connect play to gnd, then short next pin to gnd, nothing happens. tried different variations, nothing worked out... has anyone managed getting it to work in key mode? how did you set the actual key mode? thx

  • We are using the displays with the serial interface. Somehow it doesn't start writing at the first digit, even after a reset with 0x76 command... The only thing that helps is unplugging power and gnd. Smells like a fishy firmware...

  • has anyone measured the amperage on the backlight?
    my lcd is working fine.
    and the backlight only needs 15mA @ 5V without any resistor involved...
    can anyone verify this?

  • Also, is an 8Mhz Arduino fast enogh?

  • Does anyone know where one can find the 3.5mm audio jack used on this board?
    It's very neat, slim and in the Spark Fun Eagle Library...

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