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  • RETIRED?! I was just about to add it to my cart... (Any spares?)

  • Just looked at the pictures again. Guess I decided to overlook the fact that the traces are under layers. :( But, guess you can still just hook up to the contacts and not use the traced leads... It'll look better than just globbing it all in a line.

  • While researching this part, I read this comment and started to get a little discouraged. I'm looking at using some of these to control a blower motor in a car. Basically, just removing the mechanical switch and replacing with a uControlled relay setup (complete with uber cool illuminated push buttons!).
    But, an idea popped into my head: remove the traces and just solder to the relay's contacts. In my uneducated mind, this would work. I've been out of electronics "hacking" since high school (10+ years), and have recently started working the muscles again.
    So, can anyone shed some light on this? Would removing the traces allow you to use the full capacity of the relay? Or are there some other pitfalls I'm not thinking about? I was thinking about hot glueing the relay to the board to keep it in place...

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