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Member Since: February 12, 2010

Country: United States

  • This looks like a VERY nice. I am PROBABLY going to get one as soon as I figure out EXACTLY how to use it with my Picaxe. P.s., I am making a Picaxe based “laptop” with parts from sparkfun. If possible, all from here. Because i love sparkfun but thats not related lol.

  • Can this be physically oberclocked? Aka.. a new resonator? I think that could be kind of fun to do…:D

  • Very nice kit. The board is awesome. Nice!

  • This thing gets VERY hot. Burned me almost. I put a heatsink on it and it still gets hot. And the heatsink covers the 2 pin screw terminal so whenever I need to attach different wires, I have to remove the heatsink. Works well though. VERY GOOD.

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