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  • well I got the USBtinyISP and did a Burn Bootloader with the Arduino software. The LED now blinks @ the 1MHz I originally anticipated. Although I did get a “Done Burning Bootloader”, I still got a lot of ‘usb errors’ in the status bar of the Arduino software. But as far as I can tell, I’ve made one small step in the right direction…

  • Exactly the situation I’m in. Used the ITP tutorial, built my own setup using the FT232R Breakout and am now wondering if the bootloader is messed up or if it’s something else with my circuit. The LED does the single blink, speed-up-blink, stop, that you described. Also when trying to upload programs using the Arduino software I’m getting a ‘not in sync’ error. Waiting for the USBtinyISP to come in and I’m going to try starting from scratch and bootloading all new, but… I think I’m missing something. Did you ever resolve your issue?

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