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Dave B.

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  • There's a bit of porting to do to get it compiling with avr-gcc (on OSX). Once I got it compiling, I suspect the timing was still differing from the original firmware, perhaps due to the compiler optimization/flags differences, such that I still did not get a functional car. I ended up re-writing a feature-parity(ish) firmware from scratch using avr-gcc directly - have a look at it on github and reach out there if interested. I did all of it on OSX.

  • The outputs, 1Y,2Y,3Y,4Y. See datasheet pg 6 for diode connection example. Also see http://www.robotroom.com/HBridge.html sections on D1 & D3, D2 & D4 for a great explanation of what's going on.

  • I've used this chip with PWM on the enable pins, seems to work great.

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