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  • I use OpenLog to log data at remote locations for long periods of time – months. I have no ability to change cards on a regular basis. For my company, it would be useful if logger has a few of the log4net features like split log files and rotate log files based on file size, or rows. Is this something that you could do?

  • I am testing a bunch of OpenLogs now and so far they are working perfectly. My application, when in production, will be remote – the devices won’t be accessed from months – maybe even a year or two and will run continuously during that time. I need to deal with large file sizes and full cards. Is there any chance I can get a few programming enhancements – like a rotate log feature similar to log4net set from the config.txt file?

    Basically we need a rotate log file function. Implementing the function would depend on if you can determine the TXT file size and know the remaining space on the card or not. I you don’t know the available space on the card, then we could use a “create a new log file after x writes” (or rows) function in conjunction with a “max number of log files” parameter. This way for example I could write 1000 rows in 10 files and then go back and start at file 1 again. If you know the TXT file size it could be a little more sophisticated.

    Please let me know if this is possible and if I can help in any way.

    Keep up the great work.

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