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  • Help. I have yet to sucessfully uploaded a sketch - I tried the examples provided, modified as per the posts, but no go. Does anyone have a sketch running on 1.0 they would like to share? I am not yet up to speed on SoftwareSerial. Thanks in advance for help offered.

  • Sort of an apple to orange discussion. The $6 NXT-type exiciters are low mass design, working best with lightweight free planes such as unsuspended gaterboard. SF's mass exciter can move, gee, mass - making them useful for a wide range of applications beyond lightweight free planes. In the late 60's I lived in a log house with two big mass exciters turning the whole house into a speaker - at about 100W each. BTW - you can get the WowWee paper guitar amplifiers for about $10 in any big-box store - NXT low-mass exciter, amp, battery holder and 6' stereo cable. BTW2 - HiFi guys spend big bucks for accurate high pass filters with a 20Hz cut-off because the rumble caused by a cartridge climbing a small warp in a record will peg their amps. It takes a LOT of power to make low frequencies audible.

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