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  • It cuts out at 20% power on the board when the iPod is around 50%. The board is being powered by 18v, so I don’t think I’m passing any voltage limits. The peak light is going off, however. Does this mean I’m trying to have it output more than it can?

  • This sounds like LOADS of fun. Time for brainstorming…

  • I got one of these and it was defective. There was a resistance of 1.5 ohms (yes, I was reading the meter right. It was not megaohms or anything) across the power pins, so it would just cause a ground short.

  • They do. Do a search for “power” and you’ll see a whole bunch of wall warts at various voltages.

  • Well if it isn’t @internalDrive (and nice idea too lol)…

  • Okay, I feel like a really big noob, but I have a question.
    I have the inputs hooked up to my iPod and the outputs hooked up to some H100w speakers at 4 ohms. It seems to work when the pots are low, but at about 20% power the sound cuts out and the speakers just start beeping a low tone. The peak light does the same. Could this be because the outputs are coupling with the inputs? I read on W'pedia this could turn an amplifier into an oscillator.
    Can anyone help me out?