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About once a year, I catch the DIY electronics bug. The next two weeks are filled with amazing fun and awesome projects. Then school gets in the way and there’s another year of boring usualness ahead.


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  • It cuts out at 20% power on the board when the iPod is around 50%. The board is being powered by 18v, so I don’t think I’m passing any voltage limits. The peak light is going off, however. Does this mean I’m trying to have it output more than it can?

  • This sounds like LOADS of fun. Time for brainstorming…

  • I got one of these and it was defective. There was a resistance of 1.5 ohms (yes, I was reading the meter right. It was not megaohms or anything) across the power pins, so it would just cause a ground short.

  • They do. Do a search for “power” and you’ll see a whole bunch of wall warts at various voltages.

  • Well if it isn’t @internalDrive (and nice idea too lol)…

  • Okay, I feel like a really big noob, but I have a question.
    I have the inputs hooked up to my iPod and the outputs hooked up to some H100w speakers at 4 ohms. It seems to work when the pots are low, but at about 20% power the sound cuts out and the speakers just start beeping a low tone. The peak light does the same. Could this be because the outputs are coupling with the inputs? I read on W'pedia this could turn an amplifier into an oscillator.
    Can anyone help me out?