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  • EDIT: change R2 form 100 ohm to 1k ohm

  • Heres the circuit i use to interface this chip to a pic microcontroller: Connect the Hall effect sensor to Ground (middle pin) and power (left pin from triangle side). Then connect the hall effect output (right pin) to both power (Vdd should about 5 volts) through a 10k resister (R1) and to the noninverting input of a 741 op amp. Next connect the inverting input of the op amp to to ground through a 100 ohm resistor (R2) and to the op amp’s output through a 10k resistor (R3).
    This circuit should amplify the voltage by a factor of 11 (see wikipedia non-inverting amplifier for more detail).
    Testing showed the circuit output at 4-5V when the hall effect sensor was latched on and under 2V when latched off. -John Fitz

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