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  • Product TOL-12065 | about 7 months ago

    Is there a reason the scope bandwidth isn’t clearly stated in the specifications?

  • Product WIG-09228 | about 2 years ago

    Only a few years late but it gave me issue until I realized I was using Open Drain output type in the UART config! The following steps should work:

    1. Make sure your pinout is correct on the BusPirate cable, Sparkfun colors ≠ SEED studio colors! Connect MOSI to Rx, MISO to Tx, ground and 3.3V.
    2. Put the bus pirate in UART mode, 38400 bps, 8/N/1, and make sure you select “Normal (H=3.3V, L=GND)” (option 2)
    3. Turn your BusPirate power supplies on with ‘W’, which should power up the uLog but the LED should be OFF in serial mode.
    4. Put your BusPirate in Transparent Bridge mode which should be macro ‘(1)’.

    At this time the uLog should print a ‘?’ on screen. Type ‘r’ to dump the memory to screen, ‘e’ to erase it.

  • Product CAB-00506 | about 2 years ago

    Can someone please post a pic of the back of these banana plugs, or confirm whether or not another set of banana plugs will piggyback onto these?

  • Product TOL-10603 | about 3 years ago

    Are the handle bodies of these wider than the blue TOL-09226 tweezers? They look like it in the pictures, but maybe not.

  • Product TOL-09226 | about 3 years ago

    Nice cheap tweezers, wish they didn’t have quite as much opening spring force however. maybe after some use they will get softer. Also note these tweezers are fairly narrow bodied, combined with the high spring force and they have the tendency to roll around in your hand.

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