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  • Thank you for the information!
    I’m reading tons of posts in the discussion group now :)
    No problem for the out of stock issue, I will either order from microchip the PicKit3 (it seems to be a very good compromise!) or wait for sparkfun to be back in stock.
    The only problem is that I’m from France, so I’m afraid of custom…
    I’m beginning to build the airframe also, I will open a thread as soon as I have some material to show :)
    Thank you for your support,

    • Do I necessary need the “MPLAB Compatible ICD2 with USB and RS232” to program the UAV v2 IMU? This will be an additional expense…
      Thank you for your help!
  • Hello,
    I have some questions about this board.
    - In the description it seems that the capabilities of the PWM (servo signals?) are 5 inputs and 6 outputs. On the contrary, on the User Manual only 3 outputs / 4 inputs are available (like in the photo…).
    - My goal is to build and stabilise a V-22 Osprey-like rc-model. The basic idea was to use XbeePro for data trasmission (instead of conventional rc radio) and use the IMO to perform the stabilisation. I own this board:
    that is basically a servo controller linked to a XBeePro module. Which configuration do you suggest me? Using the IMU to directly control servos (I will need some mixers then, because the outputs are only 3 channels!) or maybe it possible to link the MuIN board to the UAV v2 IMU and let the MuIN do the mixing between servos?

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