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Snake Stomp Pad Tutorial

Have a look at our tutorial detailing design and building of the Snake Stomp Pads using Ponoko.

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GeekDad, Ponoko and SparkFun are teaming up for a unique design competition with a very impressive prize.

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  • As a female working in the tech world I often get asked what it’s like being female in the workplace and it’s always a struggle to explain to people that when there are problems it’s not about being overtly harassed and it’s not easy to explain to people. So, I really appreciate how well this post points out some of the finer details. I’d also encourage people to check out Harvard’s Project Implicit which explores bias people have but don’t necessary consciously acknowledge.

  • Try Corner / Edge Standoffs: http://nwazet.com/1-4-corner-edge-standoffs-set-of-4 They allow you to position the standoff wherever you need them as well as allow the board to be small. Or try TCEHCBS from http://www.richco-inc.com/

  • Look closely at the girl in the front row. Although it’s not super evident, she appreciates Star Trek Red Shirt Guy…

  • Try http://webchat.freenode.net/

  • That depends on what you mean exactly. You may be able to enclose the unit to keep it watertight. However, I have no reason to believe it could pump water effectively.

  • Yes this works with an Arduino, please see the Example Code. I just named it .c instead of .pde for display in notepad++. As for wiring please check http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/Spi. With the exception of SPI slave select which is pin 8 in the Example Code that page should help.

  • you could try using 2 sets of the Arduino Stackable Header Kit to provide extra spacing

  • Actually as I recently learned the new version of Pyrex is no longer safe to go from the oven to the freezer. :(

  • SC203

  • Oh here have an Arduino little boy…

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