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  • Does anyone have this working with the UART on the UNO?

    using xbee-arduino and softwareserial on pins 2,3, I can successfully send AT commands to the mounted xbee s2c (802.15.4 function set) and receive correct responses. (I am in api-mode 2 because there's more that I need to do; the AT command here is just a minimal test)

    However, when I have the xbee hooked up to 0,1 (with the shield switch set to UART), I am not able to get any response from the mounted xbee with the exact same code (except for Serial instead of SoftwareSerial). I am of course debugging via a bunch of attached LEDs, as I can't use the serial monitor.

    My minimal sketch demonstrating this problem is here: https://gist.github.com/cpbotha/81a083e4ab4cdc6b60ef543dedbee5fd

    (I have triple-checked with xctu that the xbee is setup for 9600 8n1, and I have also tried disabling flow control on the xbee (both D6 and D7))

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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