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  • I was one of the lucky ones who got in on the early developer release. Initially I was kinda irked about the whole "use their server thing", but after playing with these things for a few weeks now, I get it. The imps aren't stand alone devices like an Arduino, instead its an ecosystem. Its the server side processing, which works flawlessly. Its the API which kicks ass, eve if the squirrel language is a tad quirky. Its the imp itself which is hugely powerful for a form factor this compact. The imp guys did a lot of the dirty work so we can take their concept and bring our ideas to fruition. For instance, I was able to take one of these, and using a spare relay breakout board I had laying around I was able to rig a lamp that switches on an off with a button on a webpage optimized for my phone. Total coding time was maybe 20 minutes. Web page and imp code. It took longer to heat up my soldering iron and wire the relay to the imp breakout board than it took to code. That's cool.

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