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  • I recommend you guys include a photo of the config bits on the motor driver. I skimmed the text and missed the config bits, and spent way too much time trying to figure out why none of the peripherals were working (hint - with a config of 0x0, it starts out in UART, and proceeds to spam the I2C bus since it uses the same pins).

  • yes, but it doesn't reverse the corrosion, it just corrodes both sides of the probe half as fast, instead of one.

  • Kinda sad that SF went the resistive route. Capacitive (though a bit more expensive), has none of the corrosion issues of one like this. I built a similar sensor out of galvanized nails, and it rusted to nothing in about 3 months.

  • um. minimum power requirements != maximum power rating.

  • what in the world are you talking about? do you understand that when a company charges you for shipping, it's not just the cost of buying postage, it's also the cost of having someone go to a warehouse, find that header you want so badly, put it in a baggie, put that baggie in a package, and make sure it gets to USPS? There's a reason it's called shipping and handling.

    And... I hate you break it to you, but Amazon Prime isn't free shipping either. Or did you forget about that $79 you had to pay upfront (which is now $99)... Or the part where they do exactly what SFE doesn't want to - charge more for Prime items than non prime items, effectively baking the added cost in, removing the option to optimize orders?

    And finally, as an owner of a business that has to deal with darling customers such as yourself, I'll say the thing I always want to but can't - if the competition is so much better than SFE, by all means - keep buying from them, and don't poo all over these guys' forums. All you're doing by posting this here is trying to show how smart you are... and ultimately failing.

  • Will this work through a few mm of fiberglass? Trying to mount it inside an RC boat (the 1 meter long variety), and debating whether it needs to go outside the hull, or if it'll work inside. If it has to be outside, can I epoxy it down, or will getting it wet muck with things?

  • not sure if this matters to anyone, but the last batch i got of these had different dimensions. same 110mah, but 5x11.5x28. previous was 4x17.5x29 (all in mm). so - a bit thicker, but much smaller footprint. don't have an accurate enough scale to weigh them.

  • fyi - i ended up calling an atmel distributor about these because we're using them in a design. looks like atmel is doing something funky to the supply of these things, as they're quoting me a 26 week(!) lead time on an actual order, and 2+ weeks on a sample order.
    i found a site (diydrones) that has ~400 of these in stock at the time of this post, and got what i need, but i think i'll be getting away from this specific module.
    sparkfun: there's a number of other companies (winbond, etc) that have similar capacity eeproms in 5.3mm 8-soic packaging. that might be a better option for the site.

  • sorry - this is for i2c

  • last page on the datasheet

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