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  • Just fried a raspberry pi 2 using 4 of these guys. Could use some advice on how to fix.

    So I am building a cnc machine. I've hooked up 4 BEDs as recommend in the hookup drive. I've closed the 3v/5v jumper, and had all these working individually. Then as soon as I connected power with all 4 BED's connected it fried my RPi2.

    The BEDs are all connected using a 12v 5.2A power supply. The thing is, when I disconnect everything and connect a single BED to power I see the DIR and STEP pins read 3.3v. I'm not sure why these input pins are reading high. No idea how many mA they are putting out but was wondering if the cumulative current from the 8 connections (4 DIR, 4 STEP) could have fried my board. Do I need to put a resister between the RPi2 output pins and the BED input pins? Is there something else? I don't see any evidence of shorts.

    Really appreciate any help.

Brian Hendriks

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