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  • Product ROB-10333 | about 2 months ago

    this work for us thanks for the tip

  • Product SEN-10586 | about a year ago

    Can’t make readings faster than 1 per sec approximately and also there seems to be some sort of low pass filtering on the wind speed data. Anyway of making this faster and more nervous ? Tried putting sample_rate at 0 but didn’t help. Thanks anyone for your time.

  • Product SEN-10586 | about a year ago

    ok forget about that I did not choose the right board. You need to select Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V, 8MHz) w/ ATmega 328 in the tools -> board menu.

  • Product SEN-10586 | about a year ago


    I’m having trouble converting what’s coming through serial in max or processing and make sense of that. Anyone did that before ? Can you point me in the right direction?

    thanks, Patrick

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