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  • can anyone tell me the height of the button part? i need to mount these from the back side but i need to know if they will clear my enclosure.
    about how much press is needed to make contact?

  • so are there mounting holes on the middle section? none in the pictures

  • okay, my other comment was a little hasty i guess, i received two of these, one with a white nut (as pictured) and one with a black nut. the black nut one seems to be working and not too bad. maybe the white nut one is just a bunk fluke? internals appear to be the same switch. maybe a quality control issue.

  • this thing is junk, jot got them today and the button is so sensitive, any little bump triggers it.
    there is no way this could be used reliably, any shake of the table, vibrations from music or even a light breeze would make the button go off...
    too bad because i love the arcade look.
    can anyone point me to some that aren't junk?

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