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  • Pitch should have a range of +/-90 degrees. After you pitch past vertical (90 degrees) your roll and yaw value should swing 180 degrees. A pitch value of 100 degrees is measured as a pitch of 80 degrees and inverted flight (roll = 180 degrees). Another example is a pitch of 180 degrees (upside down)…this is measured as a level pitch (0 degrees) and a roll of 180 degrees. Hope that helps.

  • I too am interested if samoc’s calculation is correct. If it is, then I’m getting -365 to 600 degrees per second instead of +/-300 as I’d expect based on data sheet. I am spinning board in both directions and purposely trying to saturate the sensors, but I expected them to saturate near +/-300 degrees/sec. Also, is there any way to get the 1X range of +/-1200 deg/sec so I can measure higher rates than +/-300?

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