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  • These servos seems to be horrible quality. Save your money and buy some better quality servos instead.

  • There's definitely something weird going on with these servos... They run VERY hot! ..Not a good thing for a servo.

  • I live in Denmark, but never heard about this hacker space!

  • I've loved this product until today when the conical tip could no longer be removed. We've tried everything to screw it off, but it simply won't. The intense heat might be the reason why the tip is now stuck, but seeing as this is a soldering iron it SHOULD be able to handle intense heat. One of the main reasons I bought this was because it was versatile and the tip should be able to be removed easily (and it has been working until today where it decided to get stuck). I have not treated it wrong or anything to cause this. Sparkfun, is it normal that these only last about 3 months or have I just been unfortunate and got one which was faulty?

  • These are great with Atmega328 :)
    But a datasheet would be nice, anybody know where to find it?

  • Great product. The middle pin on each row is the common anode. Don't connect them to a too high voltage though or you will fry the display. I accidentally did this with one of mine by connecting it to 5V, now it's dead :(

  • This is absolutely the best soldering iron I've ever had.
    It's ready to use within seconds. No annoying wires, you can bring it anywhere you go, it simply rules!
    The blowtorch nozzle is really cool too :)
    Running out of gas is not really a problem. You can solder for a few hours before having to refill, if it does run out then it's just a matter of refilling it with standard cheap lighter fuel so it's no problem.

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