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  • I have used the FT232R breakout to program the Picaxe. The trick there was to invert the lines using FT_Prog (http://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Utilities.htm#FT_Prog)

  • The manual says up to 128 samples/second

  • It looks like this is an incremental encoder and gray code does not apply. See:


  • Checking my textbooks (and the datasheet) the time for the encoder to spin down from it's max speed to zero would be under 1/2 a second. So if you spun it with your fingers it would stop right away!

  • May I add; make all the I2C parts have a similar pinout (at least the I2C lines) so that they can be stacked.

  • A little late but try: (I have the address pin connected to ground)
    i2cslave %10010000, i2cslow, i2cbyte
    readi2c 0, (b0,b1)
    sertxd("Byte 1 of the Temp Reg is: " ,#b0,13,10)
    sertxd("Byte 2 of the Temp Reg is: " ,#b1,13,10)
    To change the device configuration: (i.e. Shutdown + Extended Mode)
    writei2c 1, (%11100001,%10110000)
    readi2c 0, (b0,b1)

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