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  • This device does not seem to work. I've tried both the Arduino energy monitor project and simply adding a 10 Ohm burden resistor and then measuring with a voltmeter. Both the Arduino ADC and the voltmeter give me a reading of 0V (or in the case of the energy monitor project circuit, 2.5V).

  • What is the pinout on the audio jack for one of these? The datasheet doesn't show anything about it. If I base myself on the product it replaces, the front and back connections are used and the center connection is NA. Does this apply to this one as well?

  • Can I use this device to just send or just receive an ultrasonic wave ?
    I don't need the built-in ranging capabilities, but I do need to do both the transmission and the detection of ultrasonic waves at separate times for my project.

  • Does this device allow me to both send and receive an ultrasonic wave or does it just produce the sound?
    What device would I need to get in order to just receive an ultrasonic wave if this doesn't do it?

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