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  • I understand that Sparkfun has to keep these boards small to remain price competitive.

    However, how high can the rated isolation voltage be on this board when the "high side" and "logic side" components are so close together? Protected voltage ratings depend on distance and other types of barriers, this board seems to deliver neither in great quantity.

    Hence, you may want to be very clear with your user base that the ILD213T will have a much higher isolation rating than this board design allows, hence advise your users not to use this opto-coupler board in high-voltage applications. FWIW, the junk sold on ebay is no better... 2.5kV-rated chips coupled with (maybe!) 100V-resistant board designs.

  • Hi Mark,
    Any chance that you would publish this assembly as a Eagle library file so others can incorporate your design as a drop-in assembly into their PCB designs? At least that's what I'd like to do, but the relative hole locations + sizes are not published, hence one cannot design a PCB to accept it (with standoffs and all), AFAICT, but then again, I'm a newbie so please excuse my ignorance if I missed something. Cheers, Constantin

  • This is exactly what I am looking for. The only thing missing is a Eagle library file with the unit as a device, i.e. outline on the brd, hole locations, pin assignments in the schematic, etc. Even something as simple as a outline of the device showing relative hole and pin locations + hole sizes would be great.

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