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  • "a few hours of troubleshooting"? This sucker (me) spent a week in despair and frustration! Even bought a second Pro board to rule out broken hardware. I guess the idea with the resistors is to ensure priority for the USB serial connection (with an FTDI) over the D0/D1 UART. As you say, it is not on th Pro Mini, but some other boards have it the other way around, ie resistors "blocking" the USB serial if there is a conflict in use.

  • Oh yes, there is! Check these cuties out: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9709

  • I have browsed the earlier posts but couldn't see that this ambiguity in the description of the "green wire pin" has been mentioned :

    In the schematic the JP9 pinout reads thus: GND // GND // VCC // RX-I // TX-O // DTR

    While in the photos it is clearly: GND // GND // 3.3V // RX-I // TX-O // RTS

    Has there been a change sometime earlier or is the scematic simply wrong?

  • I would also very much like to know if the Wire library works! I have just ordered this board (3v3 8MHz) and was planning to use it with an application of mine which relies on the Wire library for I2C communication.

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