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  • As a complete newbie to thermocouples, I’m curious about their ability (inability?) to provide absolute temperature readings.. I did some reading on the wiki pages, and although I admit that my eyes glazed over at some of the advanced math, it seems to indicate that the reading you get is a RELATIVE reading between the tip and the rest of the probe. If this is the case, do people typically have a separate thermometer external to their tested object to collect ambient temperature, or do people just assume “room temperature” and just figure it’s close enough?

    The two projects I’m interested in right now are building a pool water temperature probe, and a probe to monitor the temperature inside of a smoker grill (not in the meat, just the air in the smoker) Anyone have any hints or best practices on this?

  • Wow.. that is pretty mature.. Amazing to think that such things have been ported down to be available on something like an Arduino.. If only there were more hours in the day, I could someday hope to play with all of that!! :-) (where is that winning lottery ticket, anyway!!) Thanks for a great explanation, and all the links!

  • Very cool article.. I can see many arduino apps that would benefit from a structure like this.. One question that I’ll ask here to maybe inspire a more complex example code, but then probably go just read about myself, is how variables are managed between threads? If thread 1 is monitoring a couple sensors and making calculations, are the variables all global in nature, so they can be monitored, acted upon, or adjusted by the other threads?

  • Rob, sorry to see you go - You were the face of sparkfun for me for years, watching these videos every Friday, and I can only hope that with the success of Sparkfun, you’ve bought a private island where you’re going to build something great and share it all with us as you sip umbrella drinks on your private beach.. I’ve already subscribed to your youtube channel.. wish I had known about it before!

  • Fair enough.. but that’s just more evidence that we don’t have the whole story, and probably never will.. Not ready to jump to any conclusions either way here.. I’d love nothing more than for this kid to be the real thing, and grow up to start the next SparkFun, but I’m just not sure.

  • Apparently, news now is that the “clock” actually was a countdown timer, and that the family has a grudge with the school, because his sister apparently was suspended or expelled three years ago for having made threats of blowing up the school. Additionally, during an interview, the boy couldn’t explain what he had done to build the “clock” and his sister was heard whispering answers to him while he was on the phone being interviewed.

    I was an earlier supporter of his, not because I thought he had been “targeted” in any way, but because our society has gotten to the point that nobody can do anything “creative” that looks out of the norm without someone thinking you’re trying to hurt someone, regardless of your religion or color of your skin (google pop-tart gun…).. A co-worker of mine who is just a little older than I am speaks of bringing home-made gunpowder to school to show off to his chemistry teacher for some project, and how he got an “A” for the project. I myself, in the ‘80s played with “explosives” and modified model rockets and R/C controlled launch systems, and it was all healthy and mostly safe, educational fun. These days, that is less and less possible, which is a bad thing, but if this kid, either under the direction of his dad/sister or not, was trying to create a scene or incite fear, that is BAD, and we shouldn’t be giving this kid his 15 minutes of fame, let alone a sparkfun SIK…

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  • Hold my beer, and WATCH THIS!

  • Couldn’t you just normalize the comment text and remove the non-printable characters before letting the post go in anyway? To me, I’d think if someone is posting non-printable characters, I can’t think of any reason that would be a necessary feature to allow..

  • Ahh.. And I thought I was the only one who noticed.. :-) So much for the “easy” fix..

    So, Seeing as you’re bypassing that whole fuel system for the time being, was there another fuel pump back there that we didn’t see, or did you really not expect it to have a chance at starting as it sits?

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