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  • Join the club.. I have been working for weeks on trying to read register values from this sensor (4-Wire SPI). Many have had issues with this sensor and are not able to read a simple DEVID from it or even get it powered up. I have yet to try this from Sondergaard:
    It would appear that the ADXL345 SDO line – at least when configured for 4-wire SPI, the only configuration I’m testing – is VERY SENSITIVE TO RINGING.
    I STRONGLY RECOMMEND applications insert a damping resistor in series with the ADXL345 SDO line. I used 27 ohms here to solve the problem.

    Before this fix, I could not get the correct device ID response. Pressing my thumb all over the breakout board changed the device ID response and sometimes made it OK. After much gnashing of teeth I finally discovered this issue.

    So I think I will try that next.. I have even been confirming the data I am sending with a digital memory scope.. This sensor does not like to respond correctly, or at all!

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