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  • Product COM-11904 | about 6 months ago

    Just to be certain I understand… if I wanted to use one of these panels to display a flame, I’d need to mask “non-flame” areas but they would still consume power?

    By the way: Is there any way to use the SF “search…” feature to locate user comments?

    Thank you.

  • News - October Caption Contest | about 6 months ago

    “Welcome to New Product Friday. Today we will be featuring our new Broadband Keyboard. It’s designed for musicians who want to play more than just the Blues…”

  • News - October Caption Contest | about 6 months ago

    “Chelsea, I know that you didn’t want the RGB strip to move around during this demonstration, but gluing my elbows to the table as well was a bit much.”

  • News - October Caption Contest | about 6 months ago

    …and this is part of our prototype for the upcoming Knight Rider 2013 movie…

  • News - October Caption Contest | about 6 months ago

    Thanks to the overwhelming response to last week’s news item describing Stephanie Segall’s LED Robot Hallowe'en costume, we invited her back again to show off her latest design: the LED Centipede!

  • Product PRT-11358 | about a year ago

    My 1000mAh pack ( PRT-11358 ) arrived Saturday and I just plugged it in to my laptop. So far, so good, but I did notice that the LED is very dim, to the point of being nearly invisible in my normal office lighting. Admittedly this is a case where low LED power drain is a good thing, but the problem seems to be with the “viewing port” in the button it’s stuck behind; I can see the LED burning brightly when I look into the USB “OUT” port.

    Which might be more difficult once I have something plugged into that port. <grin!>

    Obviously you can’t fix the unit I have, and I don’t plan on returning it, but it would be nice if you could pass this information back to the manufacturer so they could improve on it for"USB Battery v1.1".


  • Product COM-11289 | about a year ago

    I found the WireKinetics ‘Web site here:


    I looked around, but could not find a datasheet for these products; if they have one, it’s apparently not available to the general public.

    Is there any way of obtaining one, or at least getting a plot of current vs. expected temperature?


  • News - December Caption Contest | about a year ago

    “Yes, this special collection of Christmas classics recorded by The Owls can be yours for the low, low price of $19.99 (plus shipping and handling). Just call 1-800-555-6957, that’s 1-800-555-OWLS. Our operators are standing by…”

  • News - December Caption Contest | about a year ago

    “Of course owls can chirp. They use RADAR to navigate, don’t they?”

  • News - Vacuum Forming on the Sup… | about 2 years ago


    Thanks for the demo.

    A question: Your current order of operations is (a) heat the plastic to be molded (“media”), (b) start the vacuum, and © slide the media down agains the original (“positive”). It looks like (as in “I haven’t tried it myself” ) this would let the media cool a bit, and it wouldn’t “form” as well against the positive.

    What would happen if you started the vacuum first, slid the media down against the positive, and then ran the vacuum while you heated the media? This would keep the media hotter and more flexible… but what other effects do you think might have, good or bad?

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