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  • Is there any way to get raw pixel data from the camera? The manual and wiki do not mention raw, only JPEG, I believe.

  • Very pleased with the PCduino! What I need now is a case/enclosure. Any recommendations?

    Am using the PCduino because my Raspberry Pi(s) have problems corrupting the SD card file system when power is switched off and then will not fully boot up. I need a device more reliable for embedded systems.

    Here are some observations: 1. I tried the XBMC boot card and it looks good for video, but it hangs during a picture slide shows, so I'll stick with feh. 2. Installed the arduino SDK package and found you get a Java JVM too, so PCduino has Java without Android OS. 3. No problems converting to 1080P display resolution, thanks Bill! 4. Using ssh, lighttpd, git, feh, wireless USB adapter realtek, autostart feature, screen saver turned off.

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