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  • I already use one of these and want to purchase another one. I'm curious how my Mac will "see" the second FTDI break-out board while I've got the first one connected. By "see" I mean what do I see in the list of available Ports in the Arduino IDE app.

    • Does it show up with a different/unique device ID in the port list and both are usable, OR,
    • Do I see two, identical entries in the port list so I have to guess which one corresponds to which break-out board but both are usable, OR,
    • Do I only see one device (e.g. the first one plugged-in)?


  • At my workplace we have a platesetter capable of creating 10?m dots at 2400dpi (1/2400in = 10.6?m). We don't use ours at the resolution but two of our sister companies do on a daily basis.
    Our filmsetter also operates at 2400dpi but I think it tops out at 85?m (about 300lpi) as it cannot resolve its spot-size to the fine degree that the platesetter is capable of.