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  • Ok that makes me feel a little better. I just stay safe and trust your instruments (I still say don't even trust the guide) and don't "push it" with The Beast. Best of luck! Love, Mom.

  • Also, about the getting a soil sample (I think someone mentioned this above). I would "assume" you won't be allowed to touch the soil (or keep it) because of the radiation levels. Again, not trying to scare you from going or visiting, just be very smart and do your research and look up safety stuff about walking around (staying on the concrete, don't touch handrails, etc) before you go.

  • Hey Robert, please please please do not trust your guide in terms of safe and not safe. Oenly trust the geiger meter, and make sure it's always on etc. See the recent Anthony Bordain episode where the guide takes him over to that famous ferris wheel area saying yes its safe then turns on the geiger meter and "oh whoops, sorry!" it's off the scale and Anthony is really really mad (I would be too). and they have to run out of there. Be smart and good luck!

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